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Primary School Technology Lab


Dear Parents,
The Primary Technology Department has seen some incredible growth in the past few years. We have two labs on a flexible schedule and a 30-laptop portable lab.  We service students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 and our emphasis is on the integration of technology into the curriculum.
Please stop by to visit us and learn more about your child's use of technology at FDR!
Thank you,

Ms. Anais Buckley
ES Technology Assistant

Ms. Ximena Núñez del Prado
ES Technology Coordinator

Ms. Carla Puppo
ES Technology Teacher

Teaching Technology
FDR is committed to developing an information technology-rich curriculum, and all staff are expected to make full use of a range of technologies within their teaching. To this end, staff are required to consider and, where appropriate, plan for the use of information technologies in all units of work.

The continuing development of teachers’ personal IT skills is seen as central to achieving a technology-rich learning environment, and support will be given to all teachers in order to achieve this. However, it is the responsibility of individual teachers to develop and maintain their technology skills.

All units of inquiry should have significant IT components, planned in conjunction with the Primary School Information Technology Coordinator and team. The IT team’s remit is to act as coaches to teachers, developing the skills to teach the IT scope and sequence, use IT to support learning generally and to also use IT for administrative functions.

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