Emergency Response Plan and Communications Plan

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Colegio Roosevelt maintains an EMERGENCY PROCEDURES PLAN that provides detailed instructions on actions to be taken in the event of any emergency that may result in risk to the safety of our students or staff members. These emergency plans are designed specifically for Colegio Roosevelt and include the recommendations provided by the Overseas Advisory Council in Washington, D.C., for American / International Schools located around the world. The PLAN includes specific procedures to address emergency situations, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Emergency Communication (the school will use the student/parent telephone tree and notices on the school's web site). IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, PLEASE CHECK THE ROOSEVELT WEBSITE AT http://www.amersol.edu.pe and Emergency Blog at http://blog.amersol.edu.pe TO ACCESS EMERGENCY MESSAGES.
  • Natural Disaster (earthquake, etc.)
  • Major Accident/Injury (school bus, sports events, school buildings)
  • Fire
  • Civil Disorder/Violence (demonstrations or riots within the city that may affect school bus routes, field trips, etc.)
  • Bomb or Other Terrorist Threats
  • School Closure/Early Dismissal (under what circumstances and how to inform parents)
  • Campus Lockdown (temporary restrictions on who enters or leaves the school campus until the potential risk to students and staff has been resolved)
  • Parents Collection of Children at School During or After an Emergency (ensuring that all children are accounted for and that they only leave with a parent or other authorized adult)

EMERGENCY PLAN details are flexible and can be modified depending on the circumstances surrounding the emergency. In each case, the school has a response team designated to assess the situation and make decisions about what steps are to be taken, how to communicate actions to students, staff and parents, and what outside agencies are to be contacted for assistance (i.e. local police, fire or emergency officials). The actions taken during any type of emergency depend on the situation, and flexibility is a key component. The school also maintains its own contact with the US Embassy to keep informed of emergency events and/or to communicate needs in the event normal telephone communication is disrupted.

Understandably, and as an additional security measure, details of the school's specific emergency plans are NOT available to parents or the general public.


  1. What is emergency preparedness?
  2. How do I get information about an emergency?
  3. How do I find out if school is closed due to an emergency?
  4. What is a “Lockdown”?
  5. In the event of a campus lockdown, how can I pick up my child from school?
  6. Who can pick up my child from school during an emergency?
  7. What if my child is riding a school bus or in a taxi at the time of an emergency?
  8. Can I contact my child while at school during an emergency?
  9. What happens if my child is off campus on a field trip during an emergency?

What is emergency preparedness?

Colegio Roosevelt has an emergency and crisis response plan that identifies steps to be taken for different kinds of emergencies. These steps differ depending on the situation, but include keeping up to date contact information for students, parents and staff, evacuation and emergency procedures, designated “safe” places if students need to be gathered together in a group, “rally points” on campus where all students and staff would be accounted for. The situation will also dictate how emergency communication should be conducted.

How do I get information about an emergency?

Whenever possible, emergency messages will be posted on the school's web site at http://www.amersol.edu.pe  . In addition, the school will attempt to make contact with parents via the telephone and/or e-mail addresses on file at the school. DURING EMERGENCIES, PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL as we need to keep phone lines open to communicate with outside agencies, the police, or for the school to initiate contact with parents once all children are safe and accounted for. If all parents try to call the school asking for information about their own child, it will only jam up telephone lines and interfere with our efforts to make sure all students and staff are safe. Besides, anyone answering the phone will likely NOT have information about a specific child and will not be able to provide answers to individual parent questions.

How do I find out if school is closed due to an emergency?

If possible, notice of school closure will be posted on the school’s web site and on a recorded message on the school's telephone answering service by 6:45 a.m. A sign will also be posted at the front entrance to the school for those who may have left home before having been notified of a closure. When possible and/or appropriate, the school will also use its teacher/student emergency telephone tree to assist in communicating with families.

What is a “Lockdown”?

Some emergencies may prevent the safe evacuation of a building or the movement of students from one location to another. In such cases, the school may impose a “lockdown” meaning all students and staff remain in classrooms or other designated locations. School security may also close the front gates to the school and prevent all except emergency vehicles from entering the campus. School personnel will secure all building entrances and teachers will keep their students inside, and not permit anyone to leave or enter their classrooms until the administration deems it safe to remove the “lockdown” conditions.

In the event of a “Lockdown” situation, can I pick up my child at school?

Provided it is safe to do so, parents may pick their children up from school during an emergency. However, if access to the campus or to school buildings is restricted for safety reasons, parents may have to wait outside the school campus or outside of school buildings until the school administration determines that it is safe for children and adults to be moving around on the campus. Depending on the circumstances, parents may be requested to wait outside the campus entrance and children will be delivered to them rather than parents going into buildings and searching for their children or those of friends or neighbors. In order not to unnecessarily alarm or frighten children, school personnel will maintain as safe and normal environment for children as is possible.

Who can pick up my child during an emergency?

Children WILL NOT be released to individuals other than their parents UNLESS such person presents written permission from the child's parent authorizing the student's release or they are listed on the “Permission Form for Family or Friends to PickUp My Child(ren) in the Case of an Earthquake” Form. This includes drivers, maids, neighbors, friends, siblings, etc. It is essential that the school be able to keep accurate records of all children during an emergency. Thus, any child released from the school's supervision must be accounted for.

What if my child is riding a school bus or in a taxi at the time of an emergency?

Students who normally use the school bus or take a taxi will remain at school until such time as the administration determines that it is safe for buses/taxis to leave the school grounds. School bus drivers shall stay in contact with the school's transportation office for instructions in the event of an emergency. If the hazardous or dangerous situation is off campus, the school bus drivers will be instructed to avoid going near any unsafe area or crisis location and contact parents to identify an alternative site where parents can meet the bus and pick up their children.

Can I contact my child while at school during an emergency?

PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL to get information about your child. During an emergency it is important to keep telephone lines open for school personnel to contact outside support and to initiate communication with parents once we have confirmed information about each child. With over 1,300 students who may be evacuated to different locations around the campus, it is not possible for those answering phones to respond to questions about specific children.

What happens if my child is off campus, on a school bus, on a field trip or at a sports activity during an emergency?

The impact of any emergency on children already on a school bus or on a field trip depends on the specifics of the situation. All school buses have cell phone contact with the school's transportation office. If appropriate, buses may be recalled or directed to a designated safe location where parents may pick up their children. If the circumstances warrant, all planned field trips and after school activities will be canceled.


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