Middle Years Programme Introduction

Middle Years Programme

At Roosevelt we start the MYP in Grade 6 and students move through Middle School and then pass into High School to complete MYP in Grade 10 in High School.

The MYP is a five year inclusive programme that caters to all students entering into Roosevelt from Grade 6 through to Grade 10.

Adolescents are often confronted with multiple choices and MYP provides students with values and opportunities that will allow them to develop sound judgment. The MYP is guided by three fundamental concepts:

  • Holistic Learning: Through the 8 core subjects and the Areas of Interaction students will be able to experience the interconnectedness of knowledge and obtain a global viewpoint to real-world issues.
  • Intercultural Awareness: This is central to all three programmes and requires the students to experience attitudes, knowledge, concepts and skills not only about their own but also others' social, national and ethnic cultures to develop and intercultural awarness and resepect of these differences.
  • Communication: Through verbal and non-verbal communication students are able to express and explore their personal development, cultural identity and intercultural understanding. Students are also required to learn at least two languages.

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