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Secondary Parent Bulletin # 05, September 2, 2013


  • Sept 2- ICC Begins: Special Schedule - Cheer from 1:30 – 3:20 in Gym, streamed live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fdr-icc-2012
  • Sep 2 - ADCA Soccer Juveniles Boys vs. Pestalozzi (Tournament) Location: HOME
  • Sept 3 - Grade 11 students with Counselors: University Exams and Plans – 8 am PAC Theater
  • Sept 4 - ADCA Art Show at Colegio Franco Peruano
  • Sept 10 - ADCA Music Festival at Colegio Newton
  • Sept 13-14 - COPA Roosevelt Volleyball
  • Sept 13-14 - Techo Build
  • Message from the Secondary School Principal

    ICC (Grades 9-12) starts this week, Sept. 02 at 1:30 pm in the gym and is a time honored tradition of fun and spirit. This year Alumni will be helping to judge the cheer. Please stop by during the cheer to support your child(ren). It is also being streamed (link below).


Sponsored Run 6-8 Grade

Kids should be gathering their collections made from the Sponsored Run that took place during our Health Week. The deadline for collections is Sept 2nd. Proceeds go toward a variety of charity projects, thank you for your support!

Classroom Without Walls 6-8

Grade 6 - La Cantuta
Thank you to everyone who has paid for the trip. It promises to be full of team-building, collaboration and fun! Thursday Aug 29th was the deadline for payments, we will not be able to accept anymore students for the trip as the lis will be sent to the Ministery of Education for approval.

Grade 7 - Iquitos
A reminder that the first payment of $ 200 is for Sept. 9th. Remember that you can log into Moodle and access all the required forms and information about the trip. An e-mail went out on Friday, Aug 23rd with the user name and password. Alternatively you can ask your child to log in to access.

Grade 8 - Cusco
Thank you to all who have paid for the trip. We have 100 students attending! Thursday Aug 29th was the last day to "register" for the trip by making the first payment. A flight will be booked based on this information. Stay informed by accessing the Moodle site for information. The second payment is due on September 26th.

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